The company was founded by Lajos Nebehaj, who spent one and a half decades in military service and at the special police force, and later he became involved in military technical developments and trading for six years. He headed the development of numerous military and special police tools. The team that he managed successfully modernized the AK-63F assault rifle for the Hungarian Army upon order by NATO NAMSA.

The company was established as well as the R+D activities and production were organized on the basis of the twenty years’ professional, development and trading experience.

Our highly professional designer team is made up of ergonomics experts and designers, engineers, the development and production technologists of the former FÉG arms and machine factory as well as riflemen with end-user experience.

We offer our tactical applications to military and order protection users, as well as armament accessories are also available for civil sports shooters. We are dynamically extending our network of trading partners all over the world.